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Consumers are looking for deals. They are clipping coupons at an increasing rate. So why are retailers not getting the same sales lift they once did?

“We do believe there’s a level of promotion fatigue out there,” Susan Viamari, editor of SymphonyIRI’s Times and Trends, told Ad Age.”Promotion has been very high in the industry over the past couple of years, even though we did see a moderation in the growth. CPG manufacturers need to evaluate everyday pricing strategies.”

Sales lift per promotion has fallen, and everyday pricing may be one of the reasons. But a bigger factor is untargeted, mass discounts.  Marketers need to better tailor their shopper messages, employ digital capabilities, and rely less on broad programs like TPRs. To offset promotion fatigue with smart tailoring we need to ask a few questions: Continue reading

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Wonder why you go to the supermarket for a quart of milk and leave with $30 worth of other stuff? It’s no accident. The secrets behind sneaky merchandising are found.” So read the teaser for CNBC’s airing of “Supermarkets Inc., Inside a $500 Billion Money Machine.”

But are supermarkets really better today at influencing consumers to buy products than in the past?

Look no further than the declining share of dollars they capture to see that traditional supermarkets as a class have ceded their market position. In 2001, Walmart became the largest food seller. More recently, other big-box, club, dollar, and convenience stores have dramatically grown their portion of food purchases. Continue reading

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