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Singles Day falls on November 11, cleverly playing on the four “single” digits of 11/11. It’s hailed as the opposite of Valentine’s Day and a guilt free excuse to treat yourself. Maybe you missed it. I sure did.

As George Anderson notes in RetailWire, this solo occasion is racking up multi-billions. In 2014, it surpassed $9B globally, exceeding Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.

Most interesting is its origin. A popular Chinese holiday since the late 90s, it has been exported by Alibaba (NYSE: BABA) on its AliExpress US marketplace and imported by other large sites like and As the largest global IPO ever, Alibaba carries some clout these days.

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The New York Timesrecently revealed that J.C. Penney, via SEO vendors, was found guilty of cheating Google results to “win” top rankings. Concurrently, was caught manipulating search rankings by soliciting universities to provide links to students, professors, and administrators.

In both cases, Google responded, driving down both J.C. Penney’s and Overstock’s rankings in its search results.

This is another installment in a saga that also includes BMW, Forbes, and many other properties. There are enormous incentives to subvert organic search. The opportunities in internet search are larger than past borderline practices within telemarketing, direct mail, and email. Continue reading

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