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After a decade, Google Product Search is transitioning from a free organic search tool into a paid inclusion service called Google Shopping. This new pay-for-placement has generated its share of detractors:

Google is compromising its objectiveness by moving towards a pay-for-placement service. This change has the potential to hurt small retailers if they cannot afford to pay for placement.

–Max Goldberg, The Radical Clarity Group (courtesy RetailWire)

What burns me the most is without us, Google would have no business. They use our content to make money as they have no original content to contribute. And now they want to charge us a fee. Do no evil my arse.


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The New York Timesrecently revealed that J.C. Penney, via SEO vendors, was found guilty of cheating Google results to “win” top rankings. Concurrently, was caught manipulating search rankings by soliciting universities to provide links to students, professors, and administrators.

In both cases, Google responded, driving down both J.C. Penney’s and Overstock’s rankings in its search results.

This is another installment in a saga that also includes BMW, Forbes, and many other properties. There are enormous incentives to subvert organic search. The opportunities in internet search are larger than past borderline practices within telemarketing, direct mail, and email. Continue reading

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